Lifesize Clank - Ratchet and Clank Game Series Replica

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I’ve decided I want my own life size Clank, because why not?

For those not familiar with the character the small robot in the first pic below standing in the foreground with the green eyes. He's one of the two main characters from the Ratchet and Clank game series on Playstation (the other main character being Ratchet).

Started 3D modelling Clank from scratch and here’s how he looks after just 2 hours work.
The plan is to have him 3D modelled to be life size (relative to me) so that’s 600mm/24 inches tall.

And then I’ll be 3D printing him and physically making him.
I’ve based him dimension wise on the proportions of Clank in the third game but I’m also implementing some detailing seen on him in a Crack in Time and the Movie.
All in all I figured Clank would make a great mini project to keep myself occupied over break.

First up here's what Clank looks like for those who don't know:





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Studio 49

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Creation of the head has been knocked off the list.
Next up is the arms and legs which'll be the easy part of the 3D Modelling process.

I plan to have Clank fully posable with adjustable arms/legs/fingers as well as light up eyes + antenna. But that'll all come after the 3D modelling is complete and ready for manufacture on my 3D printer though of course.


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And then this is what the head looked like when I was able to get it all printed out


You could say I've been busy today priming the head. After which I began printing the torso.
At this point the torso is 100% printed and arms are well on the way too. Next up, legs plus lots of sanding and filling.


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The 3D model is now complete!
He's been modelled to be as accurate as possible to the source material and is completely posable so I can set it up on the shelf however I want.
Also hoping to put in light up eyes if time and budget allows, but first things first I have to complete 3D Printing the rest of Clank now ;)






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Very nice model, cudos. Will you publish them on Thingiverse or so? I own a CR-10 and that might be printed unsplitted to make it more seamless.

Studio 49

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I don't really know what this is from, as I am not a gamer, but I like it. Well done Studio 49.

Thanks mate :)
Going to try get the rest of the pics up tonight/tomorrow as I've got the whole thing printed and assembled now. It's pretty satisfying to have it all articulated.

Very nice model, cudos. Will you publish them on Thingiverse or so? I own a CR-10 and that might be printed unsplitted to make it more seamless.
Thanks for the compliments man :)
As for the files I don't plan on making them available since this was a personal project (didn't really plan on sharing them).
But thanks again for the kind words, just wait until you see the next lot of pics! ;)

This amazing! Great modeling work!
Thanks mate! Was great to see how far I could push articulation in in my CAD work, and it's turned out great!

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As promised, here's where the project stands now (literally ;) )

Clank is all printed, assembled and ready for sanding and painting.
The model is 100% life size, created to be extremely accurate and to top it off is fully articulated using rare earth magnets.








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That's Awesome! Nice Job. I think we've played all of those games. :thumbsup

So cool! This is great work.

Thanks so much for the kind words 68Brick and MattBlack!
Once Clank is all done and dusted I'm temped to do a life sized version of one of the weapons next haha

Oh, wow! I would totally buy a kit!!!
Thanks for the compliments mate :)
At the moment my 3D Printer is too small do do kits (I'd drive myself to insanity doing it on a 120x120x150mm printer again haha)
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G'day folks! It's been a while, but I'm back at it working on clank :)
In the intervening years I purchased a much nicer printer with a larger build volume. So I've further refined my designs and am in the process of printing out a new further improved clank!

I'll most more photos as I get more details :D
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