Let's Start a discussion, what is your favorite predator? In any form media?

But again, that's me, that's why I want the conversation to go to other media, as I am biased in my taste, and if everyone agreed with be it would be boring and go nowhere. I'm a movie guy, so there needs to be comic guys to cover those bases. And game guys as well. I like the elders from my experience with p2. I like scarface because I love concrete jungle. And broken tusk is pretty cool as well. I have a lot of issues with avp 3 and that's why I don't rank dark up there, but he is a badass.
We are missing one large piece of the puzzle.
Female hunters.
I give my hats off to Machiko Noguchi she was an amazing hunter also the companion of Broken Tusk.
I always like variety. Never liked dedicating my entire attention on one predator so to say. Narin has some amazing Predators who have no stories etc. If they were part of a novel or a movie then I would be interested in seeing what Aqua Hunter or The Aboriginal or even The King are capable of.
My all time favourite across all the predator universe, is Dachande, Broken Tusk. Jungle Predator hooked me into this world, city hunter and his ‘family’ (elder, guardian, boar, shaman, etc..) piqued my interest to look for more, but Yeyinde made me fall in love with it.

I absolutely loved the graphic novel(still remember buying it off the shelf of my longtime comic bookshop, after saving up for months and months), it showed us the humanization (that the right word?) of the Yautja, their culture, how they choose hunting parties and planets to hunt, etc.. Basically showed the predators in a whole new different light.

With regards to Dachande, I believe no other hunter is more honourable and he also treats humans with respect(esp those who deserve it) and some as equals. Never played the AVP games, so not sure how he measure up to dark in terms of fighting prowess, but I’m sure it’s pretty high up there as Elite Yautja goes. Novel shows how calculated all his moves are, with Machiko comparing it to (IIRC) dancing gracefully.

Yeah, love, love, love Dachande, and i’m gonna model my Yautja’s BG story to his in terms of how honourable, dare I say, kind, he is. It’s like he lives his life with the Bushido code. :) It’s eight virtues: Righteousness (義), check. Courage (勇), check. Benevolence (仁 ), check. Respect (礼), check. Sincerity (誠), check(?). Honor (名誉), definitely. Loyalty (忠義), not to the young hotheads/murderers he killed, but to the code of the hunt. Self-Control (自制), check.

This is probably very late to the party but despite loving almost all of the predators I have seen, whether reading about what others say, their designs, their backstories or just playing as them in a game there is one Predator that has stuck with me as a huge favourite. Scarface from Concrete Jungle.

For me he just clicks for the kind of badass that I love. His backstory of being dishonoured in a hunt only to reclaim his honour, the many trophies and kills he claims and his awesome design is something that I can never get bored with. It helps too he wears a customised version of one of my favourite Predator bio masks too :)
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