Let's Start a discussion, what is your favorite predator? In any form media?

artwise, this guy
Anytime is the best one, no hero Predator comes close. P*ssy Face and Elder (P2 - Even though Elder was not the hero Predator in P2.) are a close second. Every movie featuring a Predator that followed P2 was made for the toilet.
Always thought the Elder was extremely over-rated. I think that also comes from the Elder Suit being made from the Original P1 suit. The elder, is an Elder and as we know from the lore. Elders are way past their prime and during their prime, they have not come into contact with masses of Xenos. From Elders case he did successfully kill one (ARGUABLE) Greyback also kills P2 in the novel.

Me personally. Don't like the Ancient Predators or the Elder Predators as they seem to always be hiding with a large amount of Predators. Even Broken tusk was a clan leader he often went on missions solo. 'Clan leader' he wasn't an elder but an elite veteran...
Well, Elders are older, they've already seen their fair share of battle. They have no need to prove themselves further. However, I still think an elder could knock around any hot headed youngin' when he needed too.
The Predator follows the code of finding the next greatest hunt. It's not about being a seasoned veteran kicking back and leading youngbloods and unblooded to their demise as proven in many accounts. Within predators is a hierarchical system, many Elders are related or the son of a former elder so in turn they would be seen as fighting a fair share of Aliens, doing a few other things and letting time pass.
Only one Elder = Ahab has been seen leading from the front when he killed the engineer.
Also mind boggles me how Ancients and Elders think they can send other predators to do their dirty work. If there was an Alien-Pred the elder should go after it not sending the Likes of Wolf or Dark to take care of business. Wolf ended up killing thousands of innocent civilians to control the outbreak. While Dark ended up killing the Pred-alien in a one on one only Predator to do so. He is now on route to the xeno planet to kill the Alien mother. And I'm thinking (he's the direct descendant of Lord) he's doing the dirty work.
Never liked the politics between hunters. Regardless of age there is always something to prove.
If they want something done why don't they do it themselves? Aren't they skilled enough? Were they caught off guard? I always try to think of all possible angles to see how Elders would think. Yes them existing is a moral boost but throwing away great hunters lives for the sake of your own benefit is corruption. It took one Pred-alien to kill an entire crew. It took one Wolf to kill it. Were they not skilled enough? an entire ship of highly trained veterans did not have enough time simulating 'what if a pred-alien attacked' there has been one account in the past where one was born. Elders aren't as skilled as people think they are, killing a few humans and a few Aliens and even an engineer for that matter is not on par with what some younger predator have accomplished. Even despite some of their accomplishments they are sent on even more dangerous missions. Predator 'Corruption'
Yeah, but no one has seen any elders stories. So who knows what battles they have fought. Greyback could've had so many epic adventures that we haven't seen. It's mysterious, and that's the intent. We are left to wonder how many battles they have seen. We don't know, nor can we even pretend to know. Because they're aren't any stories of them. Maybe they are too old to fight anymore, but have earned the right to pass on their wisdom to the ones who can. Maybe they really are all that and a bag of crisps and if they leapt into the fray they'd demolish. Until we see one in action we can never know. And I'm not big on avp3s ending. As in all other avp cannon, the predators are already aware of the location of xenomorph prime. That's how they get their queens. So deciding all of a sudden they didn't know, messes up established cannon.
Ahab, there is an entire story about that Elder Predator. He hunts an engineer. And he looks the part. Lost a mandible has an eye missing. Also the only Predator to of hunted an Engineer. Greyback is a leader of a hunting party (not a clan.) He ends up hiding under a city spying on humans when there are better prey at large. His position as an Elder is based on age and not by skill. For example Broken tusk was a clan leader (the best clan leader) as predators are concerned. He wasn't an elder but a 'Leader' (Veteran Hunter) Fighting xeno's like a true clan leader. And that's how leaders are meant to be portrayed. Leaders do not simply hunt humans. Wolf for example on his trophy case had an Engineer helmet on it. If these Veterans have more trophies than Elders the concern of the matter is are they really as good as people think they are? With all that we currently have on the table the Elders are just seen as the 'Elders' wise leaders that tend to not do much. Unlike in Ahabs position who has fantasies about hunting engineers.
"Only one of their members, known as the City Hunter, actually performed a Hunt and took to stalking the numerous armed gang members in the city." This is what a hunting party led by an Elder concluded in one of the most prominent hunters being badly beaten up then killed by the Elder. The Ancient predators who monitored this would be sorely embarrassed.
Elder and Predator (2) Committed two crimes against the Predator code. Elder killed his own brotherin when under strict predator law is the worst thing you can do. Second of all the Predator (2) known as ghost wanted to blow up the entire city thus killing all of his brothers.
I am now led to believe that the lost hunter hunting party were outcasts from the more larger Predator clans etc.
That's the novelization, not the movie. In terms of canon, only the movie matters. So greyback didn't kill ghost, mike did. Every author, writer, etc has their own takes on things. Predator started as a movie series. So I always hold the first two movies above all else when deciding canon. As they are the original interpretation.
Notable fact. Every Rank Below Elder has slain a Xeno Queen.
Unblooded//Young Blood = Scar
Hunter - Machiko Noguchi
Elite Hunter - Dark
Veteran Hunter - Wolf / Scarface
Elder - 0
Ancient - Infected by a xeno = later became a Pred-Alien
My conclusion is Scarface's trophy case... There are no words to describe this Predator. Surviving a nuclear pulse bomb.

Plus, if an elder was too old to fight, then it isn't Shameful he wasn't out in the prowl. Predators are tribal and nomadic. And that concept is borrowed from various tribes found in real history. The eldest were treated with respect and looked to for guidance. As the survived so long, and are very wise.
An Elder is at least 300 years old. In comparison to an Ancient who is 1000 years old. You can understand why Ancient's may not want to fight but Elders they have not even peaked half way through their life span yet.
Furthermore you said any form of Media so I made connections to why the Elder would of committed something dishonourable. The P2 wanted to kill his entire hunting party as well as most of Los Angeles. By relying on the movie there are always plot holes that have a lack of commentary. 'lost hunters' suggest they are outcasts however.
Well lets go to another elder 'Spartan' sets the cage loose on wolf and another predator wolf eventually gets injected then creates the abomination. It's like the Elders and Ancients are always the cause of Problems. Ancient 'scar' Ancient 'wolf' and so on. They aren't problem solvers. They create problems. And then rely on others to sort it out.
I agree scarface is hardcore, it's probably all the Coke. Anyway. The reason I like elders, is because I like the original idea from the second movie, when greyback was mysterious, and old. A predator who had seen many battles, enough to be in charge. I don't take any other continuations, or retcons done to predator 2's story or characters as canon unless done by the writer of the film. So any novels, or stories done by others about ol greyback I avoid. As again, I like the way the filmmakers presented it. Not how dark horse did. Though I've read them, im not a big fan of the comics or novels aside from a few. As it doesn't have the same feel, or even ideals as the first two films. Though I understand where you are coming from on this. The comics and books may present the elders as underwhelming at best. I don't think they do the elders justice. But to me, the movies always come first. And greyback stole my attention when I saw him. So it's more of, I'm a bigger fan of the films, and you the comics and such. And perhaps that's the divide here.
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