Lets see your Marty McFly costumes!


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here is mine


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Where I’m at so far. Headgoonie jacket, Shah Safari button-up, plain under shirt, and a pair of Nike Tennis Classic AC.


I may modify the Nike’s to get them closer to screen accurate but for now I’m okay with them.

Lastly a DIY boomerang button I’m just about done with. I had to improvise for the blue and had to brush it on. Some brush strokes show, but at 3 feet looks good enough


Well, I remade the boomerang pin. I think I’m settling on the bottom. Even though a speck of dust hit and is forever imbeded in the clear coato_O


In the mail is a backpack with the correct Eastpak patch (I have a very close backpack already), a denim skirt with the correct Guess patch for my jacket, and some pretty close sunglasses.

I’ll put it all together for a picture or two once everything has made it in.
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Thanks. You’re right on the suspenders The Searcher. I mistakenly ordered 1/2 inch and they’re incorrect in the back latching.

So the correct ones are on the way. I’m also having trouble finding the right undershirt color. The cardinal red I got looks too red, and the maroon looks too dark.

In the meantime I worked a little on my shoes

Ready for paint

Nike on the back removed

Nike tounge label removed

More to come, have a good one everyone (y)


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Purchased some pretty close Guess jeans. I read over an older thread about Marty’s jeans and again, I got close but not exact.


For super accurate fans like myself:) A giveaway they’re not right is the front pocket/belt loop alignment.

But on the upside,


My rear pocket slant is there, color(to me), belt loop length, and fit all seam to be correct. Overall I’m very happy with them.


The hunt continues...

The Searcher

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I actually found some of those myself some time back, and while they’re not exactly the ones seen in the film (vintage ones have minor differences), they are Nike Bruins, and that alone puts them miles ahead of the competition. It’s also nice to have shoes that you know aren’t old/worn out so you can properly maintain and care for them. Enjoy the kicks!
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I got some pictures of my finished Marty cosplay today:)




Unfortunately I had to leave Dallas Fanexpo early but I had a blast.

And the pro shots




Apologies for blowing up the thread, lol. I’ll make sure to make my own on the next on. I have I feeling this won’t be the last time I wear my Marty gear;)
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Has anyone purchased the Max Cady denim jacket recently? Would love to see some pictures of it to see how it compares to the 2018 version and the Headgoonie replica!

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Reviving this thread with my 2015 Marty costume! I did a lot of lurking around threads here to put it together.

The jacket is by kevinericon , I believe. This is great work, I thought I would want to replace the parts that ought to be plastic, but the quality of those pieces are fantastic the way they are. I got it for about $120 plus shipping (because it was a defective older model with chances of peeling dots), which actually makes it cheaper than the much worse looking HC jacket. I was lucky to find V3.1's on depop for $350 , but they were unfortunately defective and had been so for awhile I'm thinking. I followed Jedifyfe 's tutorial to cut open the back of the shoe and research the problem myself. The charge port had completely crumbled away! Should be an easy fix, hopefully as I come from a family of engineers with tons of experience in soldering. Still, it's not like you can see the light on a sunny day in these things, even on the good shoe...

The pants are authentic retro GUESS brand with acid wash I got for $28, but they are REALLY old and not the right cut. I got these because I feared the actual jeans at Size 32 may be too small for me, but I might go and grab one in the future anyways. I didn't pull out my pockets because you can't actually do that in these jeans. I'm contemplating making a fake pocket that I can put my wallet and phone in to weigh it down like in the movie.

The shirt is actually from JC Penney like the original, and despite going overboard, I'm happy I did because I only paid $6 dollars and it's super soft! Way better and around the same price as one of those cheaper generic brand shirts. I had the hat since 2014 when I impulse bought it at MegaCon, but I'll upgrade to a Magnoli soon.

I also have a pair of HC shoes that I got for $65 dollars, and I very painstakingly added and painted a more accurate midsole with markpoon 's sticker parts. I don't know how to do splatter normally so I used a toothbrush and scrapped it a billion times and it went EVERYWHERE lol I'm thinking I will keep the HC shoe as the ones I will wear for conventions as the lights shine brighter anyways and it's not as stiff as the V3.1's, but the fit of the shoe feels a little too loose for my liking. I managed to grab a faulty HC hoverboard as well and I've ripped the stickers off so I can replace them with the proper lenticular and velcro bits, still figuring out how I want to do that.

I missed out on grabbing the 2015 USA Today newspaper that was selling for $10 just a little south of me unfortunately, but I am grabbing an Argentina Pepsi Perfect bottle! The pictures below only really represent the work in progress, and hopefully once all the prop pieces are put together, it'll look astounding! There's even a guy in the area with a super accurate time-machine Delorean that I've been trying to convince to collab with me. It hasn't worked yet lol


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