Lego world record

Discussion in 'Collectibles' started by chris_s, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. chris_s

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  2. Darthdavi79

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    cool, I collect my legos too, have a lot of star wars ^^
    It is fun to build, buying the parts items from order private website.
  3. Scareb

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    I loved Lego when I was a kid, I had a giant box of mixed pieces and would make everything from houses to spaceships to tanks. My first real Lego sets though we're the ninja fortress set and Darth Mauls ship from the Phantom Menace.

    Whenever I get around to having some kids, Lego will be a staple of their childhood.
  4. Werstrooper

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    When you have some kids get back to me cause I have heeps of duplo :lol
  5. n0regret5

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    my lego kits usually last a week completed before I try building something completely unrelated.
  6. Sandman0077

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    This ^^^
  7. Clutch

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    They are cool. And overpriced... I would love to stage-dive into that room. :lol

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