LED wiring help needed for Mandalorian "whistling birds"


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Hi, I want to make a 2.0 version of my beskar gauntlet with light-up "whistling birds" (the first one was a $6 LED-bead christmas-light chain from Amazon which I unceremonially glued into the barrels). This time around, I want to do it with proper LEDs and wiring. I could just connect them in series (done that on the Blade Runner blaster), but I've been told that is not the best way to do it, I should solder them in parallels and with a resistor on EACH lamp. And that is a level I have not yet reached. My goal would be to not have a case with 2 AA batteries but rather a button cell, if that's possible? (I don't care if the battery is spent after 4 hours.) I have a dozen 3 mm LEDs, 3,0v/20mA. I have wires, I have the equipment, I have a basic understanding of what does what. If someone could give me a few pointers as to what to put where (or just make a quick scribble), I'd greatly appreciate that.
Have you considered switching to led fiber lights. Way more compact, one low profile power source, next to zero wiring.

I’ve seen a few builds that went that route and they look great.
Thanks for your feedback, Bones! I have now opted for a pre-configured kit (well, set of instructions) from etsy which will require a bit more in terms of material but less in terms of trial-and-error.

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