LDM completely rebuilt my MK-VI!

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    As some of you know I posted while back about a MK-VI I bought second hand off eBay. It was overall a bad deal. The run time was short and then eventually it died. I sent it to LDM for repairs and told me the board and battery needed scrapped and replaced. So the whole saber was completely rebuilt with Crystal Shard 4.0 board, ggw LED, new battery and 3d printed chasis. I'm so happy the events with this saber unfolded the way they did! It's so nice I can't stop watching the video! It needs shipped! Lol

    Dropbox - MKVI V2 Upgrades for Jeremy Drew - Simplify your life

    So I pretty much have into this saber what LDM charges. Lesson learned, do not buy old used soundboards and batteries!
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    And now my own pictures of this bad * piece.


    In room light

    In total darkness.

    And me weilding the beast.

    This saber comes right behind my CFO Vader as top pieces I own. Worth every penny. I can permanently say goodbye to the fat ugly force fx cousin.
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    Some more saber action.

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    Here are some comparisons to it's ugly Force FX cousin.


    Blade comoarision in low white balance.

    As I can see with low white balance the FX loses the core effect wile the MK-VI still retains it.

    Here is higher white balance.

    I also discovered 5 more sound fonts on it!

    Also to note a huge difference between the two is the weight balance. I would say they weigh the same yet the force fx feels heavier. It's shorter and fatter making it feel that way while the MK-VI is thinner and I ordered a slightly longer blade thus distributing the weight through out the saber making it feel more balanced for spinning. Most of the weight of the fx is in the hilt to so it's not as nicely balanced.
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