Latex Mold?

Boba Frett

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I have about 4 gallons of slushing latex just sitting around that I am not using , I need to make a mold.
I have made a lot of molds over the years , but only one latex mold, and since I am only going to make 2-3 casts from the mold , I would rather use up some of the Latex instead of dipping into my silicone.

So here's the question. What is the best additive (if any) to thicken up the latex , instead of putting dozens of thin coats and grindings on my master?
That's what I did last time but it took me forever to make the mold.



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Latex filler might be what you want. I've had the same problems you have with latex in the past, if you put on a layer too thick it won't cure in the middle. If that's not what you're looking for you can call them and they'll get you what you need.