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Since members can't respond in the "Announcements" area, I'll have to ask my question here:

Art - could you please explain this modification further? Most specifically, this section:

With that in mind, we have implemented a site-wide caching rule that set images to expire after a certain amount of time as well as numerous other server optimizations.
Does this mean that images uploaded into threads will expire? Or, am I completely misunderstanding what you've posted? The way it's worded isn't very clear, so I could be wrong.

Art Andrews

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If you mean, will they be removed after a certain amount of time? No way. We love our pictures too much and would never delete images. This only has to do with the caching of images in hopes of speeding up page loading,not actually making any physical changes or removing any content.

From a member's standpoint, you actually shouldn't SEE any difference at all in terms of content, only that the site hopefully loads slightly faster.

Sorry for the confusion on this but thanks for asking for clarification. We certainly wouldn't want members to think we were removing images!