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    Hi All,

    Just joined the group and would like to ask for help please.

    I would love to scratch build a model of the Landmaster from the film Damnation Alley 1977. I know of the Snowcrest web site, but ther are no photos of the back of the vehicle. I've tried to find an address for Dean Jeffries who built the full size running prop, and he also built a scale model, but so far no joy.

    I know that there are drawings out there somewhere, can anyone help Please?


    Tom :)
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    The Landmaster.. One of my all time fav Sci-Fi vehicles. I just spent all day yesterday building a a 3D model. Not completed but, the majority is there.


    I know of no drawings, other than a few I sent out to a few friends awhile back. I do have a complete 6 view set. They are almost complete. Just have to refine a few bits, and reconcile some things I changed on one view or the other. I don't have interior drawings yet though.


    I haven't decided what scale to do it in. I want to do 1/25 (16.8" long) so it fits with all the other car kits I have. But at 1/35 (12" long), all those military figures...
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    You probably already know about this page.

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