Labyrinth & Dark Crystal props anyone have any?


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As the title says, has anyone attempted making anything in relation to these movies like below for example would be cool?






Skeksis Finger Cutlery

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You guys won't believe this, but I dated a girl in uni that was all over the set of Dark Crystal when she was a child. Her father was employed at Jim Henson's Creature Shop. I saw plenty of photos of her with her dad, and she claims to have one of the many screen used, full-body Kira(spelling?) dolls complete with wings. I never saw that though.
that would be very cool! to have an worth plenty!! $$$$

She was definitely a hottie. Too bad she was also the winning argument in the hot=crazy discussion too. The pics of the sets of T.D.C. were something to behold though.
She was definitely a hottie. Too bad she was also the winning argument in the hot=crazy discussion too. The pics of the sets of T.D.C. were something to behold though.

Lol yep know what you mean!!!

the sets would have been somthing to see for sure, the whole movie was a childhood memory for me..amazing to watch still must admit :)
If any of you guys are in the Atlanta area check out the Centre For Puppetry Arts. They Have a full Skesis from Dark Crystal and from Labrynth they have the Tunnel of Hands, Sir Didymus, the Door Knockers and the Upside down Dog-things that guarded one of the doorways. And when I went a buddy of mine that used to work there gave us a tour of the backroom where they fix everything, they have a Mystic from D.K. as well.....
I sculpted a 1/2 scale skeksis slave trader head. Also doing a life size Jareth bust a well as the necklace from Labyrinth. Been busy working on my house, so nothings finished yet, almost there though.
Loved the Dark Crystal, I still pull out the blueray from time to time to watch and reminisce. I would love a castle model to display or a chard of the crystal with some sort of light shining under it.
Great movies, i took the wife to see labyrinth at the cinema couple of weeks ago, brilliant to see it again on the big screen, heres my mini ludo bust i did years ago, i need to rework it and cast it up again
Good suff guys! I love both movies..

A fw props I would want...

Jens Flute
1:1 Fizzgig
1:1 Podling
Garthin Claw
1:1 Sketsis Sword from the Trial by Stone segment.

Great movies and still hold up over time... love the fantasy!
I'm making one of the door knockers at the moment for my course, but am willing to sell it. Doing a foundation degree in prop making an special effects in Worthing England. Absolutely love labyrinth!!
Love these!!! I don't currently have anything in my collection, but I am hoping to sculpt a skeksis within the next year. Have to admit though, these are some great pieces.
I love both these movies. I consider them both masterpieces and a legacy left behind of jim henson (and brian henson's) amazing work. All i have at the moment is the sideshow 1/6 figures of jen and kira, and a labyrinth neca set of jareth and hoggle. Hope to expand on this one day when i have more space. Theres something about these movies that is just special.
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