Kropserkel Hannibal Lecter Mask


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I just bought one of kropserkels hannibal lecter masks and i was wondering what the people who have them think of them in terms of screen accuracy and also what peoples experiences of how long it took them to reach you.
I did not buy the lecter mask, but I own their Crow snow globe. I don't remember shipping being a problem, but it was several years ago. Good luck.
Maybe you should give this some more time instead of bumping a thread every two hours... ;)
No idea on accuracy but i´m sure the experts will chime in sooner or later!
ive already ordered from scott at kropserkel and also his are pretty much 100% screen accurate.

How can you say 100% screen accurate. ED CUBBERLY makes them off the original master mold.....That is 100% screen accurate.

Anyway if you are happy then that's all that matters:cool
Lee: thanks for posting that link. I think it's kickass that
he makes custom goalie masks for the NHL.

By the way, young collectors out there, you can't get a more
accurate replica than one by the original prop builder. Kropserkel
does great work, but the difference is between a replica and
a reproduction.

that just looks perfect to me
what i really wanted to know is the people whove bought from kropserkel before, do the orders actually take 4-6 weeks or can they come before/after that time frame?
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