KR Sabers V2 – A look back at weathering 23 hilt!!!


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Hi everyone. I thought it would be good to share a weathering job I recently completed for KR Sabers. Full credit to Halliwax and his v2 weathering tutorial – I owe the guy a beer. I had been posting a few of my weathered v2’s on Facebook and had been asked to weather a number of others and I was happy to help those in need within the UK and EU… for a small fee. J

I was then contacted by KR Sabers who are down the road, to weather 23 v2’s. I also had 2 other hilts I was to work on so below are a number of pictures of the process.

It took many months, this isn’t my day job so the wife was very good to take the kids out during the odd day over the weekends and many hours spent on the evening.

They arrive:


3 - Anodised.jpg

Strip anodising:
4 - No Anodizing.jpg

No pictures of the physical damaging but that was super fun!

5 - a14.jpg

6 - a14 done.jpg

7 - clean up a14 on pommel.jpg

Stencils!!!! SO MANY STENCILS AND ALL THOSE ISLANDS!!!! I will say I would disagree with Halliwax method here and recommend to apply the stencil to the hilt and then de-weed. It takes way too much time to de-weed, make sure everything aligns and then apply the stencil… and then again make sure it all aligns again. I just applied it to the hilt then de-weeded and all the islands are already in the right place.

8 - stencils.jpeg

9 - stencil top.jpeg

8b - stencil and paint done.jpeg

Brown necks:
12 - Brown necks.jpg

13 - add black on necks.jpg

15 - time for necks one.jpg

Clamp Cards:

17 - age cards.jpg

100 - finished.jpeg
18 - line up.jpg

It was an amazing project and something I had never done to this scale. I would not have imagined doing this kinda thing when I first joined this community 3 years ago and I’m very thankful to be doing this. It’s great to be able to do it for yourself but to actually help those who desperately want a weathered v2 but find the whole process very daunting or just don’t have the time.

FYI – any American customers I’ve always recommended they contact Halliwax…. Just thought I’d point that out as I don’t want to take away is importance and the amazing work he does.

Anyway I hope you like what you see!



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I’m in total heaven!!! What a job!!! Really really nice work buddy!! Keep up the great work!!!

So many V2’s!!!!! I love it!!

You don’t happen to have a picture them all in a pile do ya?

Anymore group pictures your willing to share?


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I do not envy you having to weed that many.
Having done it both ways (weed, then apply or apply, then weed) there are pros and cons to doing it both ways, most notably the risk of scratching up the aluminum surface if weeding with something sharp after it's been applied. Also, this version of the stencils is easier to do it that way because I built in the red lines to line them up rather than using the art itself as visual markers. On the first versions you had to line up certain shapes with other shapes to get the orientation correct, so it was more important to weed before applying.
Regardless, that is a TON of work and you have my full respect for doing that many at once. When I started selling these people asked why they didn't come pre-weeded. From now on I'll just refer them to you and let you explain LOL!

Great job man


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Man, those all look great!

Out of curiosity, how long does it take you to weed and apply a hilt now? I've only done it the once, and it took me like, three hours.


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Man, those all look great!

Out of curiosity, how long does it take you to weed and apply a hilt now? I've only done it the once, and it took me like, three hours.
That sounds about right. All these took me about 2 months to weather them all. I couldn't honestly say how long each one takes but 3 hours sounds about right. I'd def recommend putting the stencil on without weeding and then taking off. Helped me no end but you find our own rhythm. .