Kotobukiya Snowtrooper


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More pics here: SWS

Great just great.

That's the best one so far.

Even better than the Scout.

Shame about the price tags though... I've been waiting for them to come down and they never have :(

Well comparing the price to a Gentle Giant Statue its a steal. IMO these look a bit better and are much cheaper than GGs Statues. Once painted there is no big difference in these statues (unless you don't lift them and feel the weight difference).
Here in Germany i get all the Koto-Statues for 75,-- Euro (about 92 US$).
Really happy with that pricetag :)
Originally posted by superjedi@Aug 28 2005, 03:30 AM
Man, I tell ya, every time I see a new Koto figure/kit, I am just floored by how good they look.

Minus the Sandtroopers horrible weathering job. :angry :cry

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