Know where to get plastic sheets ?


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Gone but not forgotten.
Basically I am starting a project here soon where
I'll need THIN sheets that will be at " least " two
feet in length and a foot and a half wide. They can
only be 1/16 or 3/32 inch thickness so I need something
STRONG that won't flex allot.. Any ideas out there ?

BTW, I would prefer to keep this as some type of plastic
as I will be shaping it and don't want to get into messing
with sheet metal...


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If you have a outdoor lighted sign shop in your area, stop by. The sometimes have scrap bins with numerous thicknesses and types of sheet plastic. .12" lexan came to mind but that is over your limitations. Might find a thin, non-flex in your dimensions. There are ton of plastics out there withe huge variation in characteristics and applications. I'd say as a general rule the more rigid a thin sheet of plastic is, the more brittle and unforgiving it is to tool work.