Limited Run Kingsman: The Secret Service EYEGLASSES and SUNGLASSES by Magnoli Clothiers

Bump for these glasses at an amazing price! I'm in for Eggsy Black please. Is this definitely happening or are you needing more interest to push these into production?
Definitely happening... here are the design specs:

The design looks really good. It seems a little big though, it's about 7 mm wider than the Tennant glasses, right?
Are you saying the Tennant glasses are narrower, or these are narrower? If they get any smaller than the Tennant glasses I don't think they'll fit my face. If they're 4 mm wider than the Tennant glasses, that sounds perfect.
We weren't planning on adding the logo, since those are generally copyrighted, but we could do a "Magnoli" version if you guys would prefer that to nothing:


Let me know asap as the prototype is already in the works.
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