Karate Kid All Valley Poster Replica


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So I was browsing the net for an accurate all valley poster and found a few nice ones but still not accurate to my liking.My version was in collabo with another graphic artist who created the poster on the right next to mine.I actually bought his master files and re worked pretty much everything down to the floor board which he also helped me out with also.I have to say my tweaked version is looking awesome and can't wait to get her printed up.For the past week I been comparing the art work to blue ray grabs and I think I nailed it.Of course anything replica won't be 100% accurate but this one is pretty darn close:love.Check out all the poster images below you see mine which are watermarked.The original file from the artist who helped me out and a screengrab of the original poster.

A run of 25 High Gloss posters in 24x36 size might be in store:cool.

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