Kanye West El shutter glasses


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So after seeing the video of Kanye West performing stronger at the 2008 grammys I decided to try and do his light up shutter glasses.

I started off with an A5 cuttable el sheet from e-luminates.com which I cut in 3 sections.

The video below shows what I was able to accomplish. (hopefully the link works)
video-2012-02-29-19-38-30.mp4 video by spikedred28 - Photobucket

Unfortunately the iTY4.5 inverter I bought with the el sheet was defective so I decided to use and inverter that came with an old el wire I had purchased. After about 5 minutes of the el glasses being on I smelled smoke and I saw that one of the connections was sparking and smoking, after this the el sheet stopped working. Could this have been a result of me using the incorrect inverter or due to some bad connections in the wiring I did?

Any comments and ideas on how to improve this project are welcome.


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That looks hella cool man! How much did the whole thing cost all together?
It was around 60 for the A5 sheet and the inverter but from that A5 sheet you can manage to make 3 of the shutter glasses, if they don't short circuit like 2 of mine have.