TOS Star Trek Saurian Brandy glasses, original


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Yup, I see the ones on eBay for 250.00 plus shipping for a pair of the two tiny REPLICA glasses (YIKES!) but I'd like to take my chances finding a pair, or one, for an original. So if anyone has info on what they possibly were, PLEASE let me know! (I know, it's a longshot :(
I found some purple variants on Ebay a few years ago (a completed auction actually, I did not buy them), and another member here recently acquired some "coral/pink" variants. Likely the are Czech made, but I'm not sure anyone in Trek circles knows exactly who made them. If this info. is known by anyone, it would be quite "altruistic" for them to share it.

There's a set of the sold-out replicas on Ebay for a $199 opening bid (+shipping); I have some (bought from a few years ago, I think they were $150 a pair then, so not really a bad price now) and they are quite lovely (and pretty accurate).
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I would love to see someone do a run of these at some point. And maybe some of the other glassware that's difficult to come by.

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