Just watched Real Steel last night

I have never posted anything like this on RPF
But this is what I thought after watching Real Steel last night

I went in with " This is gonna be another one of those G rated , robot fight movie for kids , and maybe worse"

After watching the movie......
I was WRONG!!!!!!
The Movie exceeded all my expectations. Actually it is one of the best movie I have seen this year so far. The story is actually good and it is not just another sci fi movie. It's a movie with heart.

I didn't even go to the restroom during the movie, held it in all the way after Shawn Levy and the rest of the crews finished their panel.

You guys should go watch it if you have a chance, at the theater or even after DVD comes out. It is worth every single penny
I am sure there will be people who will not like the movie.
But as some one that has seen lots of movies and collect lots of movie props, this is probably one of my favorite

Let me know what you think after this weekend if you go watch it.

BTW, I didn't follow the movie when they were in production because I didn't have any positive out look for this movie. But, I was amazed when Shawn Levy said they actually built real moving Atom and some other full size robos ( By Stan Winston Studio )

Sorry for the long comment, but just want to express how wrong I was LOL
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Thanks for the review. I've really been looking forward to this movie for many reasons, but primarily because I enjoy Hugh Jackman and the story looks good.

Can't wait for Friday now that a fellow RPFer has given it a thumbs up.
U will like it, HJ was really good in it. By the way look at the scene when Atom picked the kid up. That's a real moving 1/1 Atom, and it really lifted the boy up ( with wire attached to the boy ). I didn't even knew it was real until after the panel. The movement of the robot is amazing.
I love Hugh, so I definitely want to see this. I even sat through that POS that was Kate & Leopold because he was in it, despite the fact that Meg Ryan's character was a raving, unlikable *****.
When I saw the first trailer I groaned and rolled my eyes, but as more has come out on this, I am really getting excited to see it!
I've been wanting to see this and so does the GF. Looks like that's where we'll be heading Friday night. Thanks for the review! :)
Everybody said "oh no, rock em sock em robots" i said "come on Hugh Jackman as a retired boxer and come on Hugh Jackman!" I thought this would do good, thanks for making my assumptions accurate!
As a fan of LOST from the first episode, to the last, I only needed one reason to see this movie: Evangeline Lilly ("Kate") is in it! :love

The fact that it's actually a GOOD movie means I'll make SURE to see it now! :cool:thumbsup
Saw a sneak preview last weekend and both me and my girlfriend were a bit surprised we both liked it as much as we did. Yeah, not an Oscar winner, but a decent Underdog story (when isn't a sports movie an underdog movie??) with some fun action and decent acting. Oh and don't forget the robots!!
I had no interest in this at all based on the previews. Early word has been way too positive to ignore... Color me cautiously optimistic.
Really? wow and here I was thinking it was a thinly disguised adaption of the game "Rock em Sock em Robots!" with a little Transformers for good measure.... hey they ARE making BATTLESHIP after all, it was tempting to imagine.

Guess I'll check it out when I get some time to do so :)
this may be just one of the best film i watch this year... :)
seriously guys, if you have the time.. give it a go. The CG is convincing and acting is great with hugh jackman

some of the bots there are soo cool, i especially like the noisy boy!
this may be just one of the best film i watch this year... :)
seriously guys, if you have the time.. give it a go. The CG is convincing and acting is great with hugh jackman

some of the bots there are soo cool, i especially like the noisy boy!

I agree with you 100 % :) I thought it was going to be a bad bad bad movie when I first see the trailer.
I mean the trailer made me think this is gonna be worse thean Robo Jox LOL
No , I was so wrong.
After I watched the film Monday, I was so stoked and even went to TRU to buy the action figures
BTW, some of the Robots are actual 1/1 and Atom really does move
aahh, no wonder the bots looked soo real!

you bet xbox will come up with a kinect version of real steel soon.. LOL, shadow dancing??
Real Steel is an incredible movie. A lot of great boxing action and a good story too. Some harsh language if your thinking of bringing the younger kids. The robots look great and are convincing when interacting with each other and the human characters in the film. A must have when it comes out on bluray. Oh and they make Detroit look great too.
Just saw it tonight. Gotta say that I was skeptical when I first saw the trailers but this flick just sucked me right in.

Good plot, good acting and robot boxing. I thought it was a really great flick and as was mentioned above, had a lot of heart to it without being really sappy and cheesy. Go see it. :thumbsup :thumbsup
Great flick! I had my doubts going in but they were taken out back and shot.

It had great CGI and was really enjoyable. I'm definitely buying this on Blu Ray when it comes out.
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