Jurassic World ACU Asset Containment Unit Uniform

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Hey Brian thats the perfect image I had in mind can you send the info to the exact brand dye you used and maybe the bottle size would really make the difference for me man thanks. I know that me and my two buddies could really use that info.


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I've gone through this thread a few times a looked everywhere on the internet but cannot find the smaller striped patch anyone have any ideas where i can find one?
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Well I saw Jurassic World last night and absolutely loved it. The story was good, action was great and acting was terrific. I just wished they used more animatronic dinosaurs rather than CG ones, aside from that it was awesome.

From the trailers you see security forces hunting the Indominus Rex and I had wanted to try and figure out how the put the uniform together. So after watching last night I had a better understanding of their uniforms. I am now in the process of acquiring all the pieces and figured I'd give a break down here if anyone else wanted to put a set together. I checked the forums and didn't see any threads about it so I figured I'd start one.

I'm basing the uniform on some pictures form the JW promotional website along with any screen grabs from the trailers and a set photo that surfaced a little while back.
View attachment 488887 View attachment 488896 View attachment 488903 View attachment 488904

Anyway for the uniform:

Camouflage: (Update) Thanks to Riceball we now know that the actual production used the Kryptek Mandrake camo and overdyed it to a lighter blue.. They only seem to wear camo hats, helmets and shirts.

Shirt: Vertx Kryptek Gunfighter Shirt - Mandrake
View attachment 492578

Pants: 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants - Charcoal
View attachment 488890

Vest: 5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carrier - Storm Grey
View attachment 488892

Hat: VertX Kryptek Hat - Mandrake
View attachment 492579

Boots: I haven't yet confirmed but I am leaning towards the 5.11 Recon Boot as it only comes in the Storm Gray color on their website and the fact that they seem to be sourcing a lot of their stuff from 5.11 brand.
View attachment 488899

Belt: Special Thanks to delta88 for identifying it as the Aegis Enhanced Belt.
View attachment 489188

Pouches: I haven't been able to get a good look at any pouches they use. The promotional picture has a belt pouch attached to the back. It was probably like the belt in that it varied from person to person. They all however seem to have a radio pouch somewhere on their belt which is more than likely the 5.11 Radio pouch in black as seen from this picture.
View attachment 488910 View attachment 488911

Radio: I didn't get a good look at what radio they use but some seem to have an extender they clip onto one of their shoulder straps for the plate carrier vest.

Gloves: 5.11 TAC AK2 Gloves, some of the solders seemed to have cut the tips off to make them fingerless as seen in the trailer when one of them is holding the tracker.
View attachment 488900

Patches: There seems to be three distinct patches.
- The large rubber "ACU" chest patch
- The small rubber "ACU" hat patch
- The rubber "ACU Isla Nublar" shoulder patch

I was able to source the rubber patches from an ETSY user. Here is his link to his store, he has both the shoulder and chest as well as an embroidered Security patch.
Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade

Weapons: I have been able to identify two of their weapons they use when going to try and capture the Indominus.
- CODA All-Purpose Net Gun
View attachment 488905

- UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun
View attachment 488907

- The tazer gun seems to be a custom made thing as is the tazer staffs that they use, I may be wrong though.

- Watch/tracker: Identified as a Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch (thanks to StcMedia for IDing it).
View attachment 488912

Well that seems to be just about it, I'll post pictures as the items I order start rolling in. Hope this helps!

Well looks like I am 4 years too late getting into this but I have been trying to find the gunfighter shirt to no avail. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate the input.


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does anyone know where i can purchase the shock stick? i can only find the 3d print designs but i dont have access to a 3d printer

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