Jurassic Park raincoats?

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Has anyone been able to find the logo vinyls for the raincoat?
All the ones available on the net are either too small or too inaccurate. So I would suggest you could do what I did, make your own:
The top version is the one used on the raincoat.
That way you can easily edit it and change it into any version seen in the film :) Making this particular version only cost me $125(buying a poster and getting it scanned), definitely worth the cost, being able to create a super accurate vectorized JP logo.


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I did a little digging and was able to figure out the brand of raincoat used in the movie. (At least for this one particular coat)

Propstore is selling a size XL raincoat used in the production, and has several hi-res photos. Here's a link to the sale page.

Luckily one of the views shows a tag that says: 2W Protective Clothing along with the size of the coat. 2W seems to make a lot of these, but they don't seem to differ much from brand to brand anyway. There are some other nice little details shown in this gallery, like the air vents in the back, and the fabric lined collar.

166051.jpg 166049.jpg


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I've already purchased a 2W coat (prop store had an earlier auction that also showed the tag), they are the exact same as the Harbor Freight jackets (probably same supplier). They also lack the armpit gussets, so still not 100% accurate. They must have changed the style over the years, maybe cheapened them a bit?
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I own a set of 2 PU yellow raincoats (random buy in a sale) and I'm looking for the right way to get the logo on the front and the back. Has anyone gotten any succes with "regular" vinyl stickers? I contacted some sticker companies but they weren't sure if the stickers would hold up on such a flexible surface. I would like to use a coat as my regular raincoat, so they'd have to hold up very well.

Or if you've found another way to succesfully get the logo's on a raincoat, I'd love to hear :D