Jupiter Ascending Wraith fighter


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Not the best movie from the Wachowski siblings but I love the look and design of the vehicles. So I start to model the fighter. Will be a 3d printed model at 1/72 scale.
Main shape is done, so I detailing at the moment.
wraith01.jpg wraith02.jpg wraith03.jpg wraith04.jpg wraith05.jpg wraith06.jpg


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It has been a while since I last watched Jupiter Ascending. It didn't quite reach a "Mainstream" status, but all in all, a nice plot and good acting. I do remember liking the ship designs, especially the floating-pieces like you are doing here. Good choice using the thin metal rods, they are barely noticeable and really make the whole thing come together... well that is, come together while actually NOT coming together. :unsure:

Cannot wait to see more.
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