Judoon Blaster, built from MadCatz blaster


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Connected to my build of the Judoon costume, I'm working on a blaster to go in his holster. I read through Birdie's build and he answered a few questions for me re: size of his gun.

I decided not to scratchbuild, and based this gun off of the MadCatz 8288 Light Blaster. Only a few photos as I just started it today, but I expect this to move pretty fast.


Here's a link to the mask/costume build:

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Good start!

Look forward to seeing it take shape, what material are you using to build it up?
Where perfect cylinders are needed (the nozzle and the lower right) I'm using thread spools. The majority of the rest of the build is in Chavant NSP hard, which didn't work at ALL for the mask sculpt but is working just fine for this. I'll figure out a way to seal it once I'm finished (and then decide if I want to cast it in resin or just be content with a one-off).

Also, because of the shape of the gun's "shell," I'm thinking about using sheets of MDF or Foamies (hardened) and cut to size.
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That's a good start, but I have noticed a couple of things that you may want to look at, unless your are already aware and will be tackling it later on.

Is there a reason why you've removed the toggle thumb controller from the rear of the gun? The hero blaster did retain this feature, while the resin background versions had it moulded static as part of the grip.

Speaking of the grip, will you be adding in the ergonomicly shaped section? I don't know what they'd be called, but it's the "grooves" that your fingers sit in on the front side of the handle.

Really like the progress you have so far and I hope to see you finish this.


Going is slow, as this is far from my only project :) I've been fiddling a bit with the sculpt and have the general "shape" of one of the sides. I still need to work a bit on the front piece (and add the trigger and lower piece) but it's coming along.

Holluba: Thanks for the tips about the toggle! I was working with the action figure, which has the toggle static as you said. I'm having trouble finding a really good reference photo (I have the schematics, but not a high-res of it). If you have a pic handy, it would be great!

I am going to mold in the handgrips, yes; just wanted to get everything to the rough final before I move forward to details.

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I don't have any hi-res pictures of the blaster, but I do have this shot here.


It is a bit on the small side, but even so, it does clearly show most of the details you'd need to know and certainly highlights the actual shape of this particular hand prop.

Hopefully it'll work for you as a guide for your build.

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