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So after scrounging the internet for a couple hours and coming up blank on finding anyone that produces a resin replica of Rico's "Puzzle" Gun I have gotten my reference material together from various sources, and this weekend I am going to start making this, I'm planning to use styrene for my build and templates will be made publicly available once I have finished. I am also waiting to hear back from a metal shop to see how much it would cost to have each one done if I hire them to do it. I'm also planning to look into adding the function of a spring loaded grip and trigger into this.
But if I do it as soon as the styrene master is complete I have a gallon of silicone sitting here that I'll do box molds of the various pieces. This way once the molding is complete it will give people 2 options to choose from plastic or metal if I hear good news from the metal shop.
As for photos this is what I have for my reference shots so far (these are not my photos), if anyone has any better views please share, but I'm planning to have the styrene master done by Monday. I would really like to find out if anyone knows what the dimensions are for it in the closed position and/or open position.

Thanks I know that I think one of the people who have made one of these is LeMarchand ( not sure if I spelled that right ) but I found out that information from doing a search for the images.
Well the plan is that I have a friend of mine that he runs a metal shop, milling, routing, etc. and after talking with him on the prop we have nailed it down that if I do a run, the Metal version would run $300 and the Resin version if I mold it will run $80. On the metal version I would'nt be getting any upkeep from selling them, that would only come into place on the resin version. But this is only "if" I do a run.
Well with the latest update, I hired a person to make the 3D Model for me to make my templates with, I've never been good with a ruler. Supposed to hear back from him today, and once I have the 3D Model I'll do some editing to it and share the templates for the gun around the same time I start my run.
Just about there.
Ok my template file is now done, and I'll be nice with sharing the file, for the small fine detail areas use paper for the bigger pieces use foamboard. But the second I find the file being hosted somewhere or on a site other than here, the file goes along with my temper. As I paid to have the file modelled. You will need Pepakura Viewer or Designer to view and print. I think it's the right scaled size. The password for the ZIP is "TheRPF". The file is only being shared until I start my run.
Rico Gun File
I'm not sure how I missed this thread. I love this gun. PepMaster you never cease to amaze me, Great Job as usual. :thumbsup

I've been not so patiently waiting on LeMarchand to finish the one he's working on. If you need additional references I think I still have some great pics from LeMarchand original thread way back in the day.
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