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Hi guys,

I'm going to a Halloween party for the first time in a few years, so I thought I'd dust off the Joker. I was 'Nurse Joker' a few years back (couple of pics attached).

This time, I've got myself a waistcoat and shirt, and will going for a more conventional Ledger Joker.

I've got white clown makeup (Leichner), black and red greasepaint sticks, some rigid collodion and some liquid latex.

I know that I could half-ass it and the people at this party won't care (I think the nurse Joker I did was a bit meh), but I don't want to.

So I've got this stuff, but face the following issues....

1) How to apply the white so it doesn't look like I've caked it on with my fingers or like I've applied it with a sponge/brush.

2) Collodion? Latex? Use both together? If latex, do I use it on its own or use some sort of paper with it to make shapes? I was thinking raise the edges with latex, then do collodion in the middle, for a very 3D look that would show through the makeup.

3) How do I do the creases properly? Forehead, cheeks, nose etc.

I feel like I'm close to getting it right, but it's not where I want it. I've also attached a pic from an attempt yesterday. It's hard to make something that takes me ages look like something I slapped on (like it does in the film).

If I could get it looking like it does at the start of the Joker/Batman interrogation scene, that would be awesome.

I'm big on "If I'm going to do something, I want to do it properly" so any comments/tips, big or small would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys
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I went as the Joker a couple of years ago for Halloween and had a blast.
For the white makeup, I applied it with my fingers but patted it on so that it didn't look caked or smeared. Then I applied the black and red with brushes so I could get the lines that I wanted. After that, I smudged everything a little to give it the interrogation scene look.
I used rigid collodion for my scars (about 10 layers) and covered it with lates (1 layer) to seal the collodion. If you want raised edges you could try scar wax, which you should be able to find at any Halloween store.
When I was applying the white makeup, I scrunched my face up to give me different wrinkles. When I relaxed my face after applying the white, I had the lines on my face. If that doesn't work for you, try applying the white, then use a q-tip to draw on the lines. It took a few days of trial and error before I found a look that I liked.
(The only thing I didn't like was the hair. I had short hair at the time and my wig was too small, so I had to use it as a half wig.)
I hope this helped. Good luck!
BTW, your Nurse Joker is awesome!
Thanks! Always good to get some praise. I remember scaring a few people that night!

Appreciate the advice. Think some scar wax might be in order. I've had the collodion packed away for a while, and it hasn't done well, so I'll be getting a fresh batch. Some brushes too! Which brushes did you use? Just normal makeup brushes?

It's odd, I have some wrinkles, but they don't seem to come through the scrunching very well.

I had longer hair before obviously, which suited it well, but now I'm just going to go with what I've got.

Got a few weeks yet, so should get it right by then.

Congrats on your Joker too! Now it's been a few years I hope to not bump into anyone else looking the same!

Us Joker's need to stick together and share tips!
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Why not save some time and effort and get some nice gelatine scars from here?

Halloween Prosthetics

best advice, don't overdo the make-up. It's good to have coverage but you don't want to look like you put it on with a trowel. Get some make-up wedges for the white, use it sparingly (the mottled look will be enhanced by lighting).

Brilliant!! Do you use these?

I've seen pics of you on the the net before and you're make up is very impressive!

So I could pick up that set (I might use that website for other stuff in the future) and then the application kit? Think I'd be set then.
As soon as I get a new debit card (only went and lost my wallet last week), I'll be ordering the scars. Can't wait to try them.

I'll keep you both posted!!

In the meantime, if anyone can think of anything else that would be helpful, I'm all ears!!

Can anyone help with finding purple trousers? It's all I need clothes wise. Was thinking of buying white trousers and dyeing them, but not sure where to start.
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I found grey pinstripe pants at Goodwill for cheap. When I dyed them purple, the pinstripes didn't dye so they turned out perfect. The pants I have are 65% polyester and 35% rayon. I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not, but it's worth knowing.
Well, I can tell you how I did mine...

Make-up sponge wedges. You'll need to scrunch up your face as much as possible when applying. I prefer to stipple the paint on, heavier in some places and lighter in others being sure to leave those creases in your face bare. I apply the black with a sponge and use the thin edge to make lines where the creases are. Then for more delicate, finer lines, use a thin make-up brush. The red I applied with a brush but used lipstick on my lips because it's a bit more durable. Then I hit the whole thing with translucent setting powder to cut down on shine and improve durability. I personally prefer Ben Nye to any other make-up.

If any of that helps...
Thanks Darth. Sounds silly, but I never thought to just avoid the creases before. Good little tip.

815 - We don't have Goodwills here as far as I know, but you say grey trousers took the dye well? Be far easier for me to get than purple or white trousers!

Thanks guys, knew it was a good idea to ask for help on here!
Hi guys!

I ordered two sets of the gelatin scars, and had a practice run with one set today.

They glued on easily and are quite comfortable.

The only problem I have is the line between my skin and the gelatin. When I begin to apply make up, the join becomes very noticeable. I've got water based red, which took nicely. For the white I've got Leichner Theatrical Clown White.

The gelatin is different to my skin, and I'm concerned it's going to be really obvious. I used the gelatin blender, and it did help a fair bit, but I must be missing something.

So for my head I've got green hair spray, the red and white make up, black grease paint, a couple of brushes, make up wedges and the gelatin scars.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!
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