Jodo's Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween Weekend Breakdown!


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Well, the "good" Holiday Season is now behind us. I do believe it has been my best one yet. I've done other "big impressive costumes", but each had the freaky factor, while CJS is more of a sex symbol, savvy? I knew, or though, anyway, that I would be more in demand for pictures, but OMG, I had no idea what I was in store for.

Thursday was our first dress up day at the college. Because of the horrible chairs in our labs, I knew I couldn't wear the entire deal, so I settled for wearing just the wig. I however maintained the persona of Jack, and still did the walk, and talk. I found two things out that day. The college girls are dirtier than I ever anticipated, and people don't really even pay attention to costumes.


The next day, Friday was my informative speech infront of 20 some people. I had switched back and forth between my original intended speech on brain freezes, and just general information on the costume itself, which I knew I would wear to the speech. I decided the night before, 12 hours before the speech, that I would re-write my original speech, do it in the pace of Jack Sparrow, and give Jack several jokes to use through out the speech. Some of the same people took my picture this day, as I was in full regale.

That night, for my town, is Trick-or-Treat, so children aren't up on school nights. We went downtown, took my sister T-o-T'ing, then stopped by my friend's house and checked out the other pirates there, then headed home to hand out candy.


Saturday, my town has children's parade, which I always crash and walk in, a Fall Fest, and a large parade. My family geared up, and we went out on the town. It was an amazing time. I've never seen women react to something, let alone a person the way they did. It was hillarious, and I enjoyed every moment of it. (I'm egotistical like that)


Sunday, I went to church, and soon there after geared up again, one last time, to go to a Halloween party. I rushed to put everything on, and was soon out the door and on my way. There were more pirates there, as well as my friend in her HP costume, who I grabbed some pics. with.


I also finally got some "completed" pictures taken...But Lord knows that we're never done, right? ;) (And I know, I know, I'm clean! I never did weather evrything anymore! :suspect: )






So over the 4 day "Halloween extended weekend", I put almost 35 hours into being Captain Jack Sparrow. I was exhausted by the 31st, and sadly didn't even do anything. Which is suiting, because we don't have anything going on the 31st anyway. I actually had a Math test that day, that I wish I would of ditched, because I was so tired I couldn't think straight. :| Oh well, it's in the past now! I'll actually get it back in a few hours to see how I did. LOL...

Ahh, and I don't know if anyone can see it via this link, but I also did a little video on signing out....After 4 days of talking like Jack, you can hear that I'm even a bit raspy, as it were. But check it out either way if you'd be willing! Man I was tired that night. I got done with CJS at about 11:00, and then was up to 1:30, because a teacher decided a paper was due the next day, and I missed the notification on her website.

And after getting the paper this morning, I found that I had made the weekly insert, so I was in the paper today!!!! :love
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LOL, I finally felt some sort of popular! :lol

Oh, and also! During my town's Fall Festival I was photographed for the Power Company of Illinois for their Halloween costume contest. I just found the page, and my picture. Help me catch up if you would PLEASE!!!! :D

All you need to do is "like" the Power Company page, then like my picture in the link! I WOULD VERY VERY VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT!!!! :D :D :D :D
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