Jimmiroquai: Rogue One Builds: Finsihed Shoretrooper p.4


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Starting something new! Ongoing are the Death and Shore troopers and the Rebel Fleet Trooper helmets. Regular updates to follow



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Re: Jimmiroquai: Rogue One Builds

Looks great so far, what type of material are you using to sculpt with? I'm doing a Death Trooper with a pepakura base.
Re: Jimmiroquai: Rogue One Builds

You seriously are sick man. You capture in 3d what I saw on screen soo perfectly with soo little reference, I'm sure you'll do revisions at a later date... But as far as I can see you are nailing this.

I really envy your talent bud. Keep it goin!

I want to see the tank driver next! That's my fave of the new movie! Shore is 2nd and the standard TK is at the bottom of the list :X

Again, awesome work!
Re: Jimmiroquai: Rogue One Builds

Here is a picture I took at comic con. There are probably more and better ones out there somewhere. Hope this helps.

Re: Jimmiroquai: Rogue One Builds

Thanks for the additional reference pics. I actually had a friend of mine who went to Celebration London take some hires detailed pics for me, but you never know what a new angle from more references will reveal. Just like this hidden, unseen detail behind the forehead shield. Glad this photo had the insight to take a pic from the top (which no one had done yet) and decided to share.

Revised the shield, lenses, and cheeks on the Shoretrooper. We're just cleaning this guy up then we'll be casting it in resin for mastering.



Also almost done with the Dtrooper helmet. In this pic, i just finished refining one side of the helmet. This still has to be replicated on the otherside, in case you were wondering about the asymmetry.


Armor is still in the rough stages, but i hope to post some wip by thursday.
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