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So I found this auction online, Julien's Auctions, and there's this Star Wars Andor binoculars resin prop.









It looks alot like the Matthew Savage Rogue One concept binoculars which I built a couple of years ago. There should be a thread on here somewhere. That one was based on two Chinon Super 8 cameras.

Well this one is based on two Chinon cameras as well, the Chinon 470. It's basically two 470 bodies glued together and your about 75% done. I found two 471 cameras online so now I must wait for them to arrive, which should take forever with the holidays coming up. The 471 is almost identical to the 470 except for one tiny little detail. But it's almost impossible to find.
The sling thingies are the same ones as on the Last Jedi binocs, the Bell&Howell Sportster, right.
So if you guys recognize other stuff please let me know


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I think they used two different cameras, the 470 and 471. Let me show you.
On this side of the prop you can clearly see a round little thing. I think it's some sort of lightmeter or so. The 470 model has this little item.

On the other side of the prop, the same area is completly flat, no round little thing, just like on the 471.
I need to go back and watch it again. I was so focused on Luthen's monocular that I (clearly) didnt pay attention to these. From the pictures tho, it looks like you nailed it.
Thank you.
To be honest, I haven't watched more than episode 1. I just stumbled across this one by accident and I immediately recognized the Chinon cameras. Don't even know in which episode it makes its appearance.
Got my second camera today, just before the holidays.


Think I'm gonna remove those hinges so it's easier to glue/bold them together.

That fits much better.

Now if anyone can help me figure out what these boxes are, please do. They could be scratch build but they could also be real items.
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Just watched episode 6. I've seen Luthen's macrobinoculars, the Aldhani rebel binoculars and the black Hoth binoculars but still not this one.
Here's where I'm at. I've filled the gaps with some plastic strips from work and used 2 component epoxy glue to glue the bodies together.


Now for this part of the prop. It seems nothing more than a washer with a rivet in the middle. I don't know why they have changed it because imo the original part looks cooler.

But here is how to remove it. I've traced the original part so I can put the washer in exactly the same place.
1. The dark ring is nothing more than a thin aluminum ring.
2. Just get your hobby knife or thin screwdriver under there and it is easily removed.
3. Underneath are 3 tiny screws. Just unscrew them and you can take out the part.
I think we all agree that this prop is based on a concept design by Matthew Savage for Rogue One.

Matthew wasn't on the design team for Andor, I checked. So are they allowed to use his designs for Andor? It was listed in the auction as an Andor prop but is it possible it is from Rogue One because it matches Matthew's design?
Any thoughts?
thanks for sharing

I picked up some chinons for the rogue one concept, I think I had 4 I can’t remember what models they were, only that it was 2 for the bodies and another 2 for the lenses.
When I ever get round to that build I can prob cobble something together from the left overs.

I don’t remember seeing these in Andor though, I’m sure it’s something I would have recognised had I seen them, but I could have missed them.

I think the 2 boxes on either side are just hexagonal stock milled in half.
almar bouwman - if I had to guess, I would say Disney owns all the concept art and they can use it as they see fit. Similar to how some of the early concept art from the original trilogy was used in Mandalorian, etc.
The boxes on top of the binoculars kinda remind me of the barrels of old revolvers and rifles like this Winchester.
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what sort of widths do you think they are, to my eye the 2 side boxes look to be roughy half the width of the middle one.

My money is still on plain ol’ hex stock cut down in half and 1/3

The max size I’ve found in aluminium is 27mm if that seems a good fit it would put the sides at 13mm

They could be larger which would partially blow that theory/hunch.

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