Jeff Parks/ USK's UPDATE 1-17-2007

James Kenobi 1138

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******************************* Kobolds Recieved************************************

After like 4 years, my 2 Parks USK Kobolds showed up yesterday in the mail.


They are nice, except for the incorrect screws holding the mounting bracket. Not only are the screws the wrong color, size, and type, but the screw heads reamed out the bracket when they were screwed in place.


I decided to just call up Jeff at Park Sabers and get the skinny on the USK's.

First, I checked my Paypal history and I Paypaled ITBEDAVE on 6-19-04 for $414.00, the cost of 2 USK's.

I checked ITBEDAVES website, and according to his site 25 orders have shipped, although that does not list how many actual kits shipped.

Jeff said Dave had placed an order for 15 USK's on 9-8-05.

Jeff told me that he had called Dave around Thanksgiving and left a message because Dave was not home. He also said that he had sent an email to Dave asking if Dave wanted to email Jeff with addresses and he would just ship the USK's direct.

Jeff said he did not recieve an email back from Dave, or a phone call, and he figured Dave must be out of town for the holiday or something.

Jeff said that since he did not recieve any response from Dave about shipping the USK's, he shipped the 15 USK's ordered on Saturday 11-26-05 directly to Dave.

Jeff also said that there were some delays in the USK's, but he had shipped all orders to Dave for the bulk order and he had fulfiled his responsibility for that order. I asked if the new order for 15 was part of that order, Jeff said he did not know but he said he had no outstanding orders with Dave for USK's.

I'm at the point now where I either want my 2 kits or I want a refund from ITBEDAVE for $414.00 so I can order from Parks direct.</span></span>

Maybe Dave can chime in here and provide a master list of everyone on the RPF order, as that Thread fell of the board long ago. I would like to know where my name was on the list, and when my order will be shipped.

If Dave owes you for a kit from the original RPF BULK ORDER ONLY, please post here and I will add you to the list.

1. James Kenobi 1138 RECIEVED
2. James Kenobi 1138 RECIEVED
3. OdiWan72 RECIEVED
4. OdiWan72 RECIEVED
5. OdiWan72 RECIEVED
6. sabersiao RECIEVED
7. Gigatron RECIEVED
8. Jockavich
9. Danvader (Obi Saber only) RECIEVED
10. Darth Lars RECIEVED
11. Darth Lars (+ Graflex) RECIEVED
12. Clancampbell RECIEVED
13. Propcicle RECIEVED
14. dcarty RECIEVED
15. DLO Studios (Obi saber only) RECIEVED
16. steveday72 RECIEVED
17. StefTrooper (MPP only) <span style="color:red"> RECIEVED
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phase pistol

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I have my kit but am still missing the Kobold replica which was supposed to be part of it and never shipped.

- Karl

James Kenobi 1138

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Jeff said the Kobold bodies are already machined, but he needed to research all the buttons and such, and when he had those finished and added he would get those shipped.

He said he had machined all the Kobold parts in his shop because he was having problems with China on producing them.

Dr. J

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I spoke with Jeff today as well concerning the Kobolds. He said he hopes to have them by early this year. He also said he had 300 Graflex bodies, 20 MPP's and NO OWK's (but was expecting more).


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I ordered THREE USK´s plus a graflex over 1 1/2 years ago :angry

I asked Dave several times to ship just the MPPs, Obis and the Graflex, back when he updated his site, stating that he´d be able to ship partial reply at all :unsure

15 USK´s seem to be not enough IMHO.



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On June 28, 2004, I paid for just the MPP. I got the MPP, minus some of the parts to it. I know this isn't nearly as bad as those that haven't gotten anything. :(

I know others are waiting for their MPP parts too. Does he have them in and just hasn't shipped them?


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On July 2004, I paid for just the MK3 kit.
I am still waiting for it.....
I got an e-mail from Dave yesterday but he didn't mention the 15 USKs from jeff.

Darth Lars

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I paid for two USK:s and a Graflex on 06-19-04, and have not received anything.

As OdiWan72, I am overseas and have previously agreed to wait for the full order to come in before having it shipped but has later asked Dave to ship me everything but the Kobold.
Dave replied me on October 13 to say that he would, but that he had not received any kits by then. The last update on his site is from October 23.


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Am I missing something here but why when the sale took place 06-19-04 was an order only placed 9/8/05?? What was the cause of the delay in ordering?


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I paid Dave early in the year for a USK. I too would like to see a list of outstanding orders based on what you heard from Parks. 15 kits doesn't sound like that many too me.



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"Oh, 54...(Dave Snedigar) Where are you?"
I'm with you JK1138.....if i don't get my kit in the next 2 weeks, i want my money back.

This situation has gone on long enough....



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long long time ago. my friend order two set USK. one set is a gift for me. we are still missing some parts for the MPP and the driod caller... but we are not on RPF list. I just want to receive my parts soon too...
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