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I was wondering if anyone could give me a good pattern link for a Jedi robe as well as a tunic if possible.There were some threads already up in the forum, but they were all from years ago and most of the links didn't work. I was also curious to see if anyone had any cloth recommendations, I'm a novice so I'm trying to figure out what would be good for this. Preferably not wool, I'd rather not die of a heat stroke. Also, how much would I have to get probably? Thanks a bunch!
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Hi ferrick and welcome aboard,

As per request here you go : the OB1 in ANH is even simpler since that hood was just a square or rectangular shape ... no curve as shown here. That's why it had a pointy tip. Best to get a wool or wool-like blend ... those fall the best when wearing ... and do not have to be thick at all ... just read the link ;)

The prequel robes were more elaborate with a 'tuck' on the shoulders ... I just made them on my last 'fleece' robe which completely altered the overall appearance immediately. But for a simple robe it's not necessary :)


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It's funny that the site has McCalls pattern for a woman's cloak when they or one of the on there companies put out an actual Jedi costume pattern.
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