Jason meets Predator


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Okay so long story short my brother and i were watching movies and drinking one night when Jason X and Predator met us. I had a mold of and old predatpr mask I had sculpted in college some seven years ago at the time and for whatever odd reason we decided that space Jason looked a bit like a Predator so off to the garage i went with a fiberglass blank copy of my old mask and a can of bondo and a dream. At the time i didnt realize that Derek Mears played Jason in Friday the 13th(2009) as well as the "classic" Predator in Predators(2010). Neat how that works out sometimes, but either way the mask is cast out of fiberglass from a silicone mold, with metal screen fpr the lenses in the eyes. I did LEDs in these masks but i do have a laser one for special occasions:) metal grommets finish the mask out to give it the true jason feel. I love this mask and dont think i would change a single thing about it. One of those projects that just smiled at me. So two of the worlds best hunters have joined as one:)


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HEY! Good to see you here Jake. having seen this in person, it's very cool. The BrothersRich have some very cool props.
The Lab haunted attraction


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Preda-son!! This is by far one of the coolest mashups I've ever seen. The execution is flawless. Now what about the rest of the get up? :lol

Story behind the Predason? Undead Predator? A fan of the Earthly Jason? Sittin' on some real Gold there TBR. :D
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