Limited Run James Bond Spectre JB DS Double Side Cufflinks Brass 3 colours worldwide shipping


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Hi all,

You are looking at a pair of Spectre JB Cufflinks. 3 colours are available.
You can pick the blue, black or silver

Material: Brass
Dimensions: 20mm diameter.

Cufflinks are double sided and attached by a clip mechanism.

Item comes with a box to store cufflinks.

DS Cufflinks Price: USD 35.90

Single Side T-bar Cufflinks USD23.90

Shipping USD3.90 Worldwide. Free shipping for purchase of 2 sets and above. Stock ready to ship out

spectrebluejbcufflinks01.jpg spectrebluejbcufflinks02.jpg

spectreblackjbcufflinks01.jpg spectreblackjbcufflinks02.jpg

spectresilverjbcufflinks01.jpg spectresilverjbcufflinks02.jpg

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