James and the Giant Peach


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Final version with Arms.

Ill do a working armature eventaully. I think grasshopper is next.

Im a Big Peach Fan.
After making the Rudolph last year, I really got the puppet bug.

As I finish the last of my shipping items, and take breaks from a VIPER build up, I dabble with this.

My next project was a Miss Spider from JATGP.

I was EXTREMELY lucky enough to be able to borrow these from a friends who let me mold them.

The Top row are the loaners that were Lighting/placement references.
Bottom row are my castings.


He also sent me a bag of a dozen faces, and a "stand in" spider completely painted.

Here is my progress so far. I know her head looks large, its just the picture.


Her Body is exactly 4 inches in diameter, and the head is off a real one.
Doesnt get more accurate than that. When I get her legs on after I mold the boot, Ill shoot some more pics.

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Hey Frank! I feel like I haven't seen you on here much in a few years - great to see you're still cranking out awesome work. My wife and I just watched this movie again (my first time since the theater) and really enjoyed it. Spider looks perfect!!!

- Doug
Amazing! I love Henry Selick's particular brand of stop-motion, and I must say you've done a great job painting up that casting. Can't wait to see the others completed!
Thanks Guys!
Ill post more pics later.

Doug! Good to know Im missed!! hahah I keep a low profile lately.
Im doing stuff for myself, and no longer making things for others.
The BWING is the last thing Ill be casting on a large scale.

Im excited to be making the James Figures. I have a line on a james head, and a lady bug.
Looks awesome! Something I had forgotten about, but the "We're Family" song still is stuck in my head for some reason!

Your work looks great!
Im SO Stoked...

I have just been informed JAMES is on its way to me! I cant wait.

I thought a FUN halloween Card would be to make Mrs Spider EATING him.
Well....all I could sell would be the head, eyes, body and shoes.
Then everyone would have to figure out clothing for themselves....or end up with a naked James.

I might put a finished one on EBAY.

I have some significant costs to cover.
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