Jack Sparrow Wig


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I am beginning a AWE Captain Jack Sparrow build, and I've already ordered the wigs I will be using. They haven't yet arrived, but when they do... I SHALL BE READY. I've bought a cheap dark brown base wig and a lot of Marley dreadlock making material and I've taken a crack at a practice wig. For this practice wig, because the base wig I bought was a darker brown almost a black, I decided to go for a more COTBP look. Obviously I will be upgrading when my final wigs arrive, but this is simply for my getting used to the process. I have some pictures, hopefully they will be good enough for you guys to see. I'm not finished adding dreadlocks, I intend to add at least 10 to 15 more, and I will be replacing the bottom three beads in the skunk bead dangle on the left side of the wig directly underneath the piece of eight, I will be replacing the bandanna with a weathered screen-accurate bandanna, I will be replacing and adding some beads in the kuchi dangle including the square impossible bead, a skunk bead, and the silver round bead directly above the large orange barrel bead. I will be adding the kuchi coin itself to the bottom of the dangle, and I will be adding various coins in various other places as well. My piece of eight came from master replicas, and I'm actually quite pleased with it. It's fairly screen accurate and it was relatively inexpensive so I think its a keeper.
PLEASE COMMENT! I can use all the help I can get. And keep in mind that I will be eventually doing the entire costume, so any advice or suggestions in that department would be appreciated. THANKS SO MUCH
Like I said, I will be adding lots more dreads, esp. in the back of the wig.
Let me know what you guys think!