I've been RIPPED OFF on Ebay. What to do?


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I just got an MPP from someone on ebay. He said it was real. When I got it it was clearly those replicas from china that are flooding the market. :angry The seller in his describtion said it was real and in answer to a question I asked. What can I do to get my money back. I'm only out 137.00 ,but its the princible of the matter. ADVICE.

Scott :cry


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How did you pay for it? That will aid in giving advice about your options.


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Depends on how you paid. Was it through Paypal? Credit card funded?

If you paid by check or money order, you probably can't do a thing except threaten to report him for mail fraud, and report him to your post master. You could file in small claims court, but that can be a hassel if they guy doesn't live near you.

franz bolo

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Put a claim in on PayPal Immediately. There is an option for item not as described, or something to that affect.

Paypal will take care of it for you. It will usually lock his account.



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And if you fund your PP account with a credit card, you may have to go that route.
Often you will find that if someone is a true scam artist, they will pull the funds out of their account. So even if you file a complaint with PP, and they find in your favor, if there's no cash in the guy's account, you will be out of luck.

Given that situation, file a complaint with your credit card, they will often be of great help in getting your cash back. PP doesn't much like it when you go over their head, so expect a turse response from them. :rolleyes

And if you really want to push PP's buttons (they deserve it), here's their unpublished phone number...
I'd only resort to using that if they don't answer your emails, or don't give you the result you desire.


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Can you let us know who is selling the fakes.... Im looking too and dont want to get burned. Sorry you got scammed.



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FYI: a REAL MPP will NEVER go for $137.
That's the price of a replica ($140-$160).
Rule of thumb: If the deal is too good to be true, most likely is not.

File a complaint with e-bay/pay-pal and they will do whatever they can (which is not a lot). Usually they freeze their paypal accout, so they cannot withdraw or receive payments. If the person is very active on E-bay, it is a big stress.
If you paid with direct funds or bank and they can recover funds, you are $25 poorer as that's the administrative cost (whatever that is) for the complaint.
The best way is paying with CC. File a complaint, call your Credit Card and they will refund your $$.

Wayne R.

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Originally posted by pmrjulio@Jan 23 2006, 04:43 PM
FYI: a REAL MPP will NEVER go for $137.
That's the price of a replica ($140-$160).
Rule of thumb: If the deal is too good to be true, most likely is not.

Not so sure that's true. They sure go for more than that in Scotland by the look of things. Ouch.