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Hi folks,

to get everything going, and to close the old thread, Markus (OdiWan72) and I have decided to open a new thread, and to keep this one as clean and straight as possible, with the sole purpose of collecting and getting information about pending deals.

And these are the important points :

<.-- BBCode Start -->Markus will be posting the list of members who still have to receive stuff from Flo.<.-- BBCode End -->

<.-- BBCode Start -->Anyone who is NOT involved in a deal with Flo, please refrain from chimeing in .<.-- BBCode End -->

<.-- BBCode Start -->The list of people and the status of their orders will be updated at least once in a week.<.-- BBCode End -->

This means, that we do not help Flo to continue(.) his business on the board and get more money from folks, but we are trying to help getting the pending deals resolved as good as we can.

Everyone who still has to get stuff from Flo and is not on the list, please pm Markus and let him know. He will then forward the information and kick Flos butt.

Well wishes for Flo can be pmed to Markus or me.

Thanks for looking.

UPDATED 12/22/04...WOW!!!, this list is getting longer and longer

I tried to call Florian with no luck and I am still waiting for a reply from Sebastian, so I can´t provide you any updates right now

DarthViolence - Shipped
Treadwell - Shipped
Nareem_Salbo - Shipped
LeMarchand - ?Shipped?
kertratz - Still in work (trade item)
romandul - Still in work (STNG phaser)
Phase pistol - ?status? (TMP stunt wrist comm, labeled "7", some vials for TNG hypo spray)
WinstonWolf359 - ?status? (refund or replacement wanted)
masterjedi322 - ?status? (Nemesis phaser holster)
peter1701 - ?status? (Stunt Wrist Comm labeled "C")
uscm buzz - ?trade? (TMP Stunt Wrist Communicator)
micdavis - ?status? (ST-TMP Stunt Wrist Comm labeled "D")
Jlewis - ?status? (hero kit & stunt comm labeled "L")
Eastwood - ?status? (finished Nemesis Phaser with Holster & TMP wrist Comm Hero Kit)
Ursus43 - ?status? (built-up hero comm, offered in trade)
Onigri - ?status? (STMP HERO comm - off Ebay, ID "QESLAH")
mackerel Moon - ?status? (Stickman101 from ASAP, TMP stunt comm labeled "S")
Wickerness - ?status? (TMP Wrist Comm with number "26", downpayment made on TMP Stunt Wrist Comm "E")
ensigneager - ?status? (1st Contact Phaser Rifle Kit. Ebay-Auction ended 12/06/04)
Sporak - ?status? (Trade: Nemesis phaser and a TMP wrist comm)

I asked Florian about the status of the items I had in the list when I gave him a call.

He remembered most of the names and the status of the items. Yours (LeMarchand) should have been shipped too, but Flo wasn´t 100% sure about it. That is the reason for the question marks.


Add me to the list please.

I'm registered as Stickman101 at ASAP and I'm still owed a TMP stunt comm - letter S

Been waiting for this since July.

Was also offered a refund by Florian.

I'd just like to know what's happening.


Simon C

(Couldn't register as Stickman101 over here untl registration is back up.)
I'm curious as to WHEN my comm was shipped. I still don't have it...I'd like to know how it was shipped too (airmail, surface mail, EMS, etc.)
I´ll ask Flo about the shipping options.

Back when I asked him about the first people, who were on the list, he was only able to tell me shipped or not shipped. I´ll try to get detailed informations, o.k.?

I'm owed one static TMP Wrist Comm with the number 26 on it and I made a down payment on a TMP Stunt Wrist Comm with the letter E on it. I placed the order back on July 24, 2004.

I can paypal the rest of what I owe him on the Stunt Comm, but would rather wait until I've been updated on its status.

I'm quoting that message from ensigneager (He will try again to register on the RPF, but until then I hope it's not a problem) :
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I'm not registered to the RPF forum, I dont think they are accepting anymore users? At least they weren't last time I tried to register.

Ok please add me to the list.
I am owed
1 First Contact Phaser Rifle Kit.
It was won through ebay Monday 6th December.
I have had no communication from Florian, but going by what has been posted here, it seems I'm not the only one.

Jamie </TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE><SPAN CLASS=$row_color>
This is Sebastian, Florian's brother.

He has been in hospital the past days. I just have been to the workshop; several packages and kits were there. I will try my best to sort everything out and send it to every one.

All EBAY stuff has been sorted out, this has priority. Please have some patience (I know, this is hard to do)

Oh, and another request to the moderator:
He wants to have him banned after this is over ( or a limited access, whateveer that meens)

I do not know if he means it serious...

Voluntary ban? WTF?

Maybe he means account deletion. That's too bad. He bought a Vader ROTJ kit from me 2 years ago, and was always a good sport.

Hope he gets well soon....
Sebastian, I think the Mods are already planning something like that for him : no access to the selling area, so that he can get back on his 2 feet before getting in the business again...
Nareem_Salbo wrote:
<HR></TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS=$row_color>
Sebastian, I think the Mods are already planning something like that for him : no access to the selling area, so that he can get back on his 2 feet before getting in the business again...
</TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE><SPAN CLASS=$row_color>

That is correct.

Also, I'd like to remind everyone that this thread is specifically for people involved in a deal with Florian and for him (or his brother or whatever) to make updates.

Please keep any other commentary out of the thread.

Thank you.
I am marked "shipped" but stil have not received anything. I notified Sebastian of this right after he posted his address but have not heard back from him.
I don't expect Sebastian to answer until mid January : if his email is from University, he can't access it until the Christmas holidays are trough, I guess.

My stuff hasn't come either... And I'm only about 250-300 km from his place lol

Some news on his condition would be appreciated too.
I´m still waiting for a reply from Flo or his brother to update this thread

Flo seemed to send me some messages via mobile-phone but they didn´t make it through from Austria to Germany

Sorry guys,

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