Is there such a thing as rubber resin?


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I've seen a lot of replica blasters done in Hyperfirm rubber (probably NOT a good idea to do as a home project), but I noticed Dymerski uses a strange brown rubber resin for his Stargate System Lord gauntlets. It's like resin, but flexes like a hard rubber.

Why I'd like to know is that I'd like to offer a less expensive MOM Force Pike done in this material since my machinist is bored of doing the runs (after 2 runs) and the scrap aluminum price has gone so high that it's really not worth it anymore ($150 for a Pike, even if all metal is crazed, IMHO). I'd like to get the price down to a reasonable $50-75 range.

Any ideas on what would give a hard rubber feel yet pour into a mold like resin?



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There is a whole spectrum of urethane resins that range from brittle hard to soft mold-like rubber. I think Smoothon caries what you need. You can even tint the stuff too.


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Originally posted by drusselmeyer@Sep 4 2005, 03:54 PM
Request samples of their 1515 and other related resins.  You should be able to find what you want.

If you mold that force pike out of a flexible are gonna need a support rod in it to help it keep its shape
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