Iron Man MKVI and War Machine Pepakura while Deployed WIP


I am deployed overseas in the sandbox for awhile. I know what the news says, but some of us will still be here, lucky me. Might as well be productive. This is my first full armor build from Pep. I started awhile ago with some Halo parts but my partner for the project lost interest. I never went past the Resin on the outside and Rondo on the inside. Since I am deployed, i am limited to materials. I would like to at least get one of the 2 wearable, even if it needs final smoothing and electronics. I would really appreciate any constructive comments. I do not think i will be able to get bondo and fiberglass resin shipped and it will be hard to find a place to use it, I am going to use Smooth cast for the hardening. If anyone has experience with this method, please offer any suggestions. I tried 300 but it cures to fast, i will be trying 321, i think next. I would like to use fiberglass on the inside. Any thoughts on using glass with smoothcast 321?
On with the pics, I have so far 2 helmets and a War machine Shin. Iron man chest almost fully pepped and WM forearm almost fully pepped. i will get the rest of the pics up as soon as i can.




thank you madmax, it just takes time.
thank you for the links stealth, i havent heard of the epoximate but i like the 1:1 of the 321. I am not sure if i can get the adhesive spray shipped but i might be able to find something that will work in a pump or brush on applicator. That was the video that actually gave me the idea. What do you think of using some elmers glue-all thinned out with some water to help the placement of the glass? I wouldnt mind having to wait for the diluted water/glue to dry before 321. Time I have plenty of. Its groundhog day here.


From one military to another, hang in there and nice way to keep yourself preoccupied. Just hope you're able to get whatever you've finished shipped out and undamaged.


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I agree, it looks good. Nice clean lines, and sharp folding. I wish I had known about pepekura before i was deployed..its a great way to kill some deadtime.


Yes, so far i have the WM shin and helmet and almost finished one of the forearms.
I have the chest and helmet for Iron Man MKVI I will be focusing more on the MKVI and then continue the WM. Waiting on some smoothcast 321 and fiberglass to really start hardening and finishing these pieces. Thank you KyleS for your help with materials.


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what war machine file did you use?, Im putting together the hd file and it seems too small at default scale but the pieces are too big for the page if i scale up.


I just finished the Cod piece and it looks like I will need to rescale and remake it. :( I will post some pics later when i get off and have access to a printer. Thank you all for the comments. I have some Fiberglass cloth and smoothcast 321 in the mail on their way to me.
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