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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by jonmelton, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. jonmelton

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    I've started my Iron Man mkIII build recently and have been searching through the threads and finding some great files. But, I wanted to ask people who have built the mkIII, what files do you recommend? Who has the most detailed files that work? Has anyone compiled a complete list?
  2. Finhead

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  3. j0wE

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    I second Finhead's post. :thumbsup
  4. writefast

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    I dont really have a dog in this race but I can say that Finhead's and Dancingfool's work is amazing.
  5. electraflier

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    I'll third that vote, Dancin_fool for sure. Zabana for boot and hands!
  6. bamboodia

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    I'll support the other claims too. Dancin Fools files are by the best for the whole armour. electraflier is right about zabana's gauntlets and boots too.
    The one problem I have found with the DF suit though is that the calfs aren't quite right. Zabana and Bigturc have made calf pep files that are better IMO but you'll have a little extra work with scaling them to fit a DF suit.
  7. victorvulpine

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    I am about to start me a MRK3 set of armor. I have been reading for the last 2 weeks on just this subject but what is the best MRK3 bucket out there to use. I have a friend and myself are wanting to do this for Halloween this year. Thanks to everyone out there that has made their armor first. There is a lot of to do and not to do out there.
  8. Isamu

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    same thing here, DF for the MkIII armor and zabana for the boot & hand ;)

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