Iron Man - Mark IV / VI (foam build)


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And again, the Iron Man Mark IV / VI will be build. I know that it's most likely the most build suit ever but I'm still giving it a go. One of the reasons I'm doing that is that a good friend of mine went to Madame tussauds NY and was able to collect some HD footage of the Mark VI shown there.

Reason for the build: there will be a Comic Con in Germany next year and I'm planning to to in a whole new suit I just started today. I've already done a foam project (check out my Iron Man Mark III here:

I haven't finished the Mark III yet but I will at some point. The thing is: the Mark III was my first foam project and there are a lot of things that didn't turn out that well. It's still an overall decent suit but it's not as good as I wanted it to be. It will be finished some time in the future but for now I've started the new project.

Today I've build the left bicep. This was the first time I did some foam work in like a year so please bare with me. The spilled hot glue at the seem lines will be cleaned out later :)


I'm using the files provided by JFCustom.
Please keep us posted about Conventions in Germany; I'm definitely interested.
Furthermore I hope that your build will be a success ! Build whatever you feel you should manifest in this world.
Well...there will actually be "Comic Con Germany". It's from the same guys that do FedCon and RingCon. They have a FB Page for the Comic Can Germany :)
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