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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by rchrz60, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    Every year I try and do a different costumen for Chicago Comic Con. I was wondering if I could commission someone to build me an Ironman suit? The reason I can't do it myself is with 4 kids, being a fulltime student, and work fulltime, I just don't have any more time to spare. I would be able to pay a little upfront to get started, and then pay per peice or section. My brother did that through someone on here for a batman costume. Kind of a lay-a-way program. Otherwise I couldn't afford $1000 or so dollars upfront. I figure the convention isn't until August, so I have time, or in this case my builder would have time. I could pay the builder weekly or monthly depending on what they would like, and I could also give you my measurements so that it would fit me more accurately. All payments could be through PayPal so there was never a question of funds being good. Please let me know if this is do-able, because with having someone build me one, it will take time, so I wanted to get started.

    Thank you,
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    You should post this in the trade section. You'll want to state your looking for a foam suit to be built as well. A full resin/fiberglass suit would be over $2700 min.
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    I got plenty of time. I'd take monthly payment 'til it's done. :)

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