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For quite a while, Tony Lage and I have been working away nailing down all the little details of Leia/Rey's saber from TROS.
Now, I think we've got a finalized design that very accurately replicates the original prop. I'd like to move forward with producing a small run of this saber. But, to do so, I'll need at least 50 rock solid firm commitments to buy one of these when they are ready. The cost will be $325.00. This is higher then I normally run, but this saber is the most complicated one I've ever tackled. It will be machined from 6061 aluminum, and will be feature copper plated accenting. It will not come with the aluminum belt clip that was present when Rey walks up to the Lars homestead (this doesn't appear to have been present on during the hilt's other appearances in the film). It will come with a d-ring and screws installed, and it will have the MOP inlay precut on an adhesive veneer. It will be hollow, so FX will be an option for buyers. But, as always, I'm not an fx guy, so you'll have to get a chassis from elsewhere. Although, I will be sending the design onto GOTH as before.

If you reply to this thread, please be firmly committed to follow through with the order when I call for payments. If I get 50 members signed up within the next two weeks, the prototype machining will start in mid November and the run will follow after that. Thanks everyone.

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Count me in for 4

Anakin Starkiller

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The manufacturing has completed and the sabers are up for sale on
The price is $250 plus shipping. About half have sold already, so don't dilly dally on this one. I won't be making any more :)


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Received my Anakin Starkiller Leia saber today. It. Is. Gorgeous! Thank you!

I think I can figure out what the one slotted ring is for, but what are the abundant greeblies for? (Is it for receiving a saber tube? That's probably it, yes?)

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