Interactive Titanic game on indiegogo

Wes R

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My friend showed me this and is going to back it as she's nuts about the ship and apparently even one of the US titanic museums is donating to it and promoting it. Their goal is a bit lofty but given the love of titanic hopefully it gets the goal. The fact that they have big consaltants, including one of the best Titanic artists of both the ship and wreck, is impressive.

Wes R

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It would be interesting if they could make a thing where it never sank and show some alternate history but i think that's above the budget. I'm hoping since they have big name Titanic historians on board maybe that'll get them some support within that community. Wish they could get some airtime on the educational channels to promote it. They need to try and get Jim Cameron on board lol


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Just a question. I've backed Kickstarter projects before but not Indigogo. The difference between the two is that Indigogo collects from backers even if the funding goal isn't met, right? With those terms why back any project at all if they take your money regardless?
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