Indiana Jones Whip suggestions???


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Recently I bought an LB’s bull whip from Amazon and on the second day the fall broke off , it wasn’t even properly bound to the whip. Does anyone have suggestions for a replica Indiana Jones whip that’s durable? And maybe something under $150? Please let me know
Whips are the prototypical “you get what you pay for,” it seems.

That being said, check out Maloroy Whip Co. and look at one of Richard’s nylon Indy whips. They’re a little more expensive than $150…but not much.

If you want/need a roo hide whip, WhipsCraftier on Etsy might be your next best bet. More than $150, the quality isn’t great…but might be better than LB. They do crack, but I’m turning mine into a belt hanger because overall it’s better as that than an actual whip.
For a functional whip in that price range, you'll want a Nylon whip. Maloroy is a reputable maker. The Amazon whips are cheap garbage as are most on eBay or Etsy, unless you can score a quality roo whip from a known maker for a good deal.

If you're looking to get a real whip and learn how to use it be prepared to spend $500 and up. Keep in mind there's a huge difference between a prop and a functional tool. A well made whip with proper use and care could be an heirloom you pass on to family.

Here's a few exceptional whip makers to look into if you're willing to invest in a quality tool:

Bernardo Del Carpio
Steve Townsend
Richard Cottrill (Maloroy Whips)
Joe Strain (Northern Whip Co.)
Paul Nolan (Midwest Whips)
Blake Bruning (Trinity Whip Co)
Casey Tyler (C.W. Cahill)
David Morgan
Mario Garceduenas (MJG Whips)

Just to name a few.

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