Indiana Jones: Sir Richard's Shield

Gordon Gekko

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I've been working on a replica of Sir Richards Shield from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade off and on now for about a year and a half.

I think it's finally far enough along to show some progress.


I started by taking a ton of hi-res screen caps and then comparing them to my original files from my laser engraved grail tablet. My hope was, that I would be able to go straight into using them as the basis for the shield. Wrong!! The layout of the text was different enough to warrant a whole new engraving.

I also used the screencaps to determine what size the shield should be:


I ended up with a shield that is about 21" X 44".

Once I had the engraving molded and cast, I cnc'ed two 3/16" thick pieces of plywood, which I then put into a jig to add the correct curve and glued together. Once the glue dryed, the curve remains permanently in the piece. I then used contact adhesive to glue the resin casts to the wood shield.



Once I had the engravings in place, I used chip board of the same thickness to build up the remaining areas of the shield and put in the cross members.

At this point, I became stumped on the rivets and used several different found items such as upholstery tacks, small furniture sliders, etc. All to no avail. None of them looked right. I knew for the smaller rivets on the cross members, that I wanted to laser cut styrene, but nothing for the larger rivets. But then one day, a solution presented itself:


Yes!! Googly Eyes from the craft store. Almost the perfect diameter and curvature that I wanted.

And the laser cut styrene "rivets".



And a more direct comparison between the screen seen and my tablet:


Now I just have to figure out a good paint job and call this one done!

Thanks for looking.
Great work. Congratulations. Your shield looks realy awsome :thumbsup
The WIP are looking very familiar to me ;) (Stefan do you remember ? :eek)

One question:
As you stated your shield is going to be bent..... All the WIP pics above showing a plain one.
I'am curious, will you bent the playwood after everything is finished? If yes how the plywood is going to be kept in shape? Think thats is interesting for everyone who my attemp their own version :)

Thanks for your feedback in advance:thumbsup

Again.... great job :)

PS any plans how to do the back?
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