Indiana Jones - Belloq's Pocket Watch - Correct Chain?


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Hello friends!

I've recently been able to purchase an Ingersoll pocket watch that was used by Belloq in Raiders!

Now I just need the chain to complete the look.

Would any fellow Indy collectors happen to know what the best options are to get one? Aside from it being silver and having a T Bar I'm not sure what to look for in terms of accuracy.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

Since the movie plays in the 30s the pocket watch suppose to match the style era of that time.
I‘d say check for chains with a t bar and clasp that resemble the Victorian style.
Below you see my chain I found on eBay.


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The style of chain you want is one with curb links, like MichaelFuji posted. Otherwise just try to find one with a clasp of the correct size relative to the watch. Also, we can't actually see a T bar in the movie, though it could be there, so that's optional.


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