Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny

Might somebody be able to make a decent 4k screenshot of the image. It's at 30.24 in the movie. I'm somehow to stupid to get it working in a good quality.

I already did, but it's no good, because the source material (the photo itself) looks to be poor quality, and because of that, even Topaz Photo AI can't do a decent job. Here's the photo straightened up with a bit of light correction:
Old Photo New.png
Is there a really good picture of Indy and Sallah's photography?
I leave one here in case it might help to provide a better version.


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There’s so much in there!
E.g. are several CIA pages with photos attached I am not familiar with.
The one of Henry Jones Sr in the back.
And especially the one of Marion I‘ve not seen before.
That may be a screen cap of a scene or actually a photo they did on the location while shooting the Cairo scenes for Raiders.

And that small leather briefcase
Maybe someone can identify some of these items.


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Next we have a cabinet loaded with paper stuff.
These postcards are all nice.
But we see a picture of Bez, Helena and Indy from DoD together with a few letters I cannot read because the quality is not good enough.
And maybe bad writing skills from whoever wrote these letters

But again, a great source of props a whoever could provide better quality pictures - or identify these postcards - it would be greatly appreciated.


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Finally we have Bez’s diary with his notes of the search for the Antiyithera.
There are some loose pages placed at the bottom.
But all not good enough to make up the whole content.
But maybe there are others that can contribute better pictures.
Pics are from BlogMickey


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Most of the photos and documents you see in the Disney parks are already known. What is really interesting are Basil's papers, because they are pages that have not been seen in the movie and would help to complete all of Basil's papers. I have not found better quality photos than the ones you have posted. I have opened a thread in the forum to talk specifically about this.

I have not found in the forum the CIA dossier and I have set to work to do it to have it myself. I leave here for all of you a PDF to print. The areas that you can't see in any photo I have invented the text. The upper right part of Helena's there is a text in black and red that I can't see what is written. And also in Helena's at the bottom there is a red seal that is not complete and has the letters AP, does anyone know what it is?

Any help or correction will be welcome to update the dossier.

I would also like to make the design of the front of the blue folder.



  • CIA Dossier Henry - Helena.pdf
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Here my take on the first sheet of Vollers notes on the Dial on the train.


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