Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny

So the Whiskey bottle Indy is drinking of at the beginning is probably a Gooderham and Worts Limited. Very old and hard to get. Probably the Bell of Lincoln Label of DoD :lol:

Here a first draft


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Now we "need" those fridge magnets
They are from Matera, Italy. A friend found one there. But they are only sold there in souvenir booths. I might be able to get or make a mold.

And another one gifted me the cherry magnet. The Matera magent here will be replaced with the accurate one.


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And here's the Separation Agreement just before the magnet on the Marion photo scene:

Separation Agreement.png

It's not quite the final version, mostly because the bottom text after Stipulations of... is not visible and I added some text found through google search. This is a trifold paper (more likely there are at least 2 copies of the document - the top part is stapled) and I made it as a short LTR size (216 x 251 mm).

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