I'm back......with another Venator


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Hi, everyone! I've been away from the hobby for quite sometime, but I have something to show now! My other Venator's that I have done were basically destroyed when I moved recently. In an effort to get back to it, yes I have started another one. This one, I hope, is the last one I make. I'm really trying to go all out on this one and hopefully everyone will enjoy. So on to some pictures!

Basically I'm reworking the hull to give the ship more depth. adding lots of chip work and things to build up the hull. Had to completely scratch build the vanes or whatever they are on the edges of the hull as the originals had to be completely removed to accommodate the new hull plating. Let me know what you all think!



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nice. i like this design. i have a half built one in the closet that's been there for years.
after i finish my current project, i think i'll get it out, upscale the dimensions, and scratchbuild me a new one
that ought to keep me busy for several years (i work even slower than i used to these days).


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I really like the look of this ship as well. I thought about making a larger 1/1500 scale but decided on just super detailing the kit instead.


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I really like these details you're adding. Looks like it's really going to enhance the scale of the ship.


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Thanks! It's going to take quite a while I'm sure. I've switched to the hangar deck to give my self a break from the hull.